Holiday hotel voucher

3 overnight stays for 2 people in a luxury 3 or 4 star hotel of your choice

The Holiday Hotel Cheque will allow 2 people to stay in one of the most beautiful European hotels for 3 consecutive nights, completely free of charge! The only condition is that you must consume and pay for your breakfast and dinner in the hotel for the number of days you are staying. But eating is something we need to do anyway and now you can enjoy a beautiful double room with your meal completely free of charge. The hotel cheque is valid for just over a year, so you will have plenty of time to find a beautiful hotel of your choice.

You can order your Holiday Hotel Cheque now for just € 49,00 and enjoy some time out together! You can also order several hotel cheques. It’s an excellent gift idea or to use for yourself, plus there is no limit where combining the hotel cheques are concerned, allowing you to enjoy a longer stay. 1 hotel cheque = 3 nights, 2 hotel cheques = 6 nights etc.

It is also possible to stay overnight for 2 days instead of 3. In that case, the right to the third night will lapse and you will only pay for breakfast and dinner during these 2 days.

Super-deluxe 3- and 4-star hotels inland and abroad open their doors and look forward to welcoming you. Hotels on the beach, in the woods, Wellness hotels and hotels where the dog is also welcome.

A comprehensive overview of all hotels with photos, description, booking period and minimum expenses can be found in the Hotel Guide Online on this website. All amounts include tourist tax and all surcharges. So you have clarity beforehand and no surprises afterwards! Click here for an overview of all participating hotels.

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